• Turkey vultures, eagles easy to I.D.

    Turkey vultures, eagles easy to I.D.

    The sound of ukuleles playing “Blue Skies” wafted over the rocks at Seawall this weekend as local musicians enjoyed a welcome, warm and sunny day. Gulls rose in the air, and there flying over us was a beautiful adult bald eagle. Spring has finally arrived on Mount Desert Island! When you are at the shore

  • Sometimes the worm wins

    Sometimes the worm wins

    With each spring day, the snow is melting, and it is a delight to see bare ground and open areas again. Woodcocks are sky dancing all over the island. If you haven’t watched their performances, this is prime time to do so. A great blue heron was seen the end of this past week. Peregrine

  • Woodcocks strut their stuff

    Woodcocks strut their stuff

    At last there are patches of ground free of snow all over this island. Right in front of the ranger’s station on Route 102A is a good place to listen for and see woodcock doing their “sky dances” in early evening and on through the night. These shore birds are very comical to watch as

  • When you see a saw-whet …

    When you see a saw-whet …

    A friend’s wildlife story this week brought an old song to mind-“Who that knockin’ at my door?” In this case, it was a surprising answer, for when she looked out the door, there was a bobcat right there chasing after mice! This has indeed been a very difficult winter for wildlife needing and wanting to

  • This Dickens of a winter continues

    This Dickens of a winter continues

    In spite of all the snow we seem to be getting, Charles Dickens said it well with, “It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold; when it is summer in the light and winter in the shade.” Driving home after dark on Sunday evening in driving

  • Sometimes you’re the predator …

    Sometimes you’re the predator …

    Bobcats are in wildlife news this week. In various places both on and off the island, individual bobcats have been seen, quite often near feeders. Any bird feeder is an attraction for birds and small mammals, especially now with so much snow everywhere. Food is difficult to find for all predators, and a feeder provides

  • Not a creature was stirring

    It was a very white world as I looked out the windows of the Common Good Café on Sunday. Not a creature that I could actually see was stirring outside. Inside, the ukulele group and others made merry music. Crows are often active along the shore as they look for food. They are very resourceful

  • Wildlife needs our help

    Wildlife needs our help

    Frigid winds and swirling snow seem to be our semi-daily fare this month. Whatever happened to the February thaw with its warm wonderful days, mourning-cloak butterflies being seen and patches of snow fleas appearing in the sunny ski tracks? The deep snow and cold temperatures are giving all creatures difficulty in sustaining life. There are

  • Rough-legged hawks on the move

    Rough-legged hawks on the move

    For a brief moment, I looked at the sky as I left my house one morning, and there was a hawk flying about. Right away something registered in my brain that it was a special bird. A birding friend with me at the time identified it right away as a rough-legged hawk! Rough-legged hawks are

  • Moose and flying squirrels thrill

    The snow gets deeper as we move into February, and both humans and wildlife have to cope with the elements of this year’s Maine winter. Deer certainly are having more difficulties getting around with such deep snow. Moose also have more trouble, but a friend had a marvelous sight of one this past week when