• Nature: Beautiful bluebirds

    Nature: Beautiful bluebirds

    Bluebirds were seen this week in a blueberry field on the island. It is encouraging to have had more reports of these lovely birds in recent years for they were seriously in decline a few years ago when English sparrows took over their nesting sites and even killed bluebirds sitting on eggs in their nests. A strong campaign

  • Nature: The sky dance of the woodcock

    Nature: The sky dance of the woodcock

    Although I have not heard them myself, woodcocks are back. This time of year is when this strange, plump and seemingly neck-less bird with a very long bill performs his ritual “sky dance” in order to woo his chosen female. As is usually the case the females seem to ignore the whole thing, but he

  • Nature: Wandering waxwings

    Nature: Wandering waxwings

    March is here and it is a capricious month, warm one day and freezing cold the next, but the changes in nature as winter gives way to spring are evident to wildlife. The sun climbs higher in the sky now and days grow appreciably longer. Sap runs, pussy willows bloom and the wintertime bills of

  • Nature: February is full of surprises

    Nature: February is full of surprises

    February is a fickle month. It is full of surprises. On a warmer sunny day, you may even see a mourning cloak butterfly in a sunny spot. A warm day will ring them out of their hiding places, but as soon as the cooler air comes back they retreat to their warmer hiding places again.

  • Nature: Spot a newt

    Nature: Spot a newt

    It’s February; it’s cold and it’s Maine! Humans and wildlife do what they have to do to survive. Winter is still with us and many of us look forward to warm sunny days. The recent full moon was a beautiful sight at Seawall and many local residents were there to enjoy it. A full moon

  • Nature: Opportunistic eagles

    Nature: Opportunistic eagles

    Nature is full of surprises and they appear when you least expect. On a little road trip this week off the island a friend and I were surprised to see an adult bald eagle sitting right next to the busy road. It wasn’t hurt but had landed there to inspect a dead deer that had

  • Nature: Island pine cones

    Nature: Island pine cones

    We are now in a new month. Frigid winds and swirling snows may still keep many of us indoors. Birds and mammals still abroad in fields and forests battle the elements to stay alive but thoughts of warmer days to come and seed catalogues are being read and garden plans are being made mentally and

  • Nature: How to study animal tracks

    Nature: How to study animal tracks

    What a lovely scene it was — three deer browsing on the seaweed on the causeway at Seawall Beach. This is a favorite location for Islanders to visit frequently at all times of year. The ocean itself often puts on spectacular displays of waves, crashing on the shore and rafts of birds feeding just offshore

  • Cormorants make an appearance

    Cormorants make an appearance

    Even in the midst of a Maine winter in January, nature has beautiful scenery and wildlife surprises. A nice sighting of a great cormorant came into view as a friend explored along the Ocean Drive this week. In the summer we frequently see common cormorants near the shores sitting on rocks and docks as they