• Flicker finds feeder despite cold

    Flicker finds feeder despite cold

    In spite of the cold temperatures and winter weather we have experienced this winter, a male flicker continues to visit a feeder on Islesford. Flickers normally leave this area by the end of October. A few stragglers may be seen into December and again in March. It is hard for them to find food and

  • Crows tattle on great gray owl

    Crows tattle on great gray owl

    Crows are talkative birds, and if you listen to them, you can often tell what is going on in their lives. My son was working near the shore this past week when his attention was drawn to raucous calling from crows down on the beach in Bernard. Right away, he knew they had something special

  • Muscovy ducks wandered far

    Muscovy ducks wandered far

    A flock of unidentified birds took me on a wild goose chase this week, but it turned out well. Some “strange ducks” appeared at a neighbor’s yard and were obviously hungry and quite friendly. At first sighting, they were thought to be some sort of wild goose, so I went to investigate. It turned out

  • Hollow hairs keep deer warm

    Hollow hairs keep deer warm

    Keeping warm is a problem in the winter for humans and wildlife. A friend this week asked me how deer keep warm in the winter. There are various ways for the deer to stay warm. First of all, their winter coat is made of hollow hairs that trap air. This provides an insulated layer that

  • Wildlife well-suited for winter weather

    Wildlife well-suited for winter weather

    Snow, frigid temperatures, ice and strong winds are the ingredients for hard times for wildlife and humans. We experienced them all this past week and weekend. Winter is being winter. Some may wonder about the various creatures and how they each cope with these harsh conditions. Many have heavy fur coats to keep their bodies

  • Bobcat seen on park trails

    Bobcat seen on park trails

    A nice bobcat was observed on one of the park trails. It had been eating something in the snow. Snowshoe hares abound on this island, and they are regularly caught by these large cats in the Maine woods. Even though the bobcat does not have a big tail compared to some of the other cats,

  • Fickle weather welcomes winter frog

    Fickle weather welcomes winter frog

    Weather at this time of year is fickle. Two days before Christmas, my son found a green frog hopping across the road in Tremont on a rainy night. The temperature was above freezing. You do not expect to see green frogs out and about this month. These frogs normally hibernate underwater from October to March.

  • Robins may linger

    Robins may linger

    The north wind did blow, and we do have a bit of snow. You may see a robin or two about now and throughout the winter. Some may be those individuals who have lingered on from the summer; others may be Canadian robins coming to this area for an easier winter. They both look like

  • Feeders should be safely placed

    Feeders should be safely placed

    Bright colors in the snow definitely attract our attention these days. A column reader found a beautiful ruby-crowned kinglet on the snow after it had collided with a window. This doesn’t always mean instant death for the tiny creatures, but it can. Sometimes the bird ends up with a severe “headache” and/or concussion. It’s never