• Nature; Birding is a hoot

    Nature; Birding is a hoot

    “The North Wind doth blow and we shall have snow and what will poor robin do then …?” This old rhyme always comes to my mind about now. Ducks are good to watch near Thunder Hole now. A column reader sent me a note saying there was a flock of black scoters near Thunder Hole

  • Nature; Wayward white goose returns

    Nature; Wayward white goose returns

    For many months residents in Southwest Harbor have enjoyed seeing a lone white goose making its way across the lawn at Western Way, across the busy road and into the harbor. It found companions in the harbor in the form of ducks and occasional other geese. One Canada goose in particular became its friend for

  • Nature: Let the leaves lie

    Fall chores are being done this month, but you should seriously consider not raking your leaves or at least leave large areas not raked. There is a benefit to wildlife if you leave them there. Butterflies and songbirds really benefit and depend on them being left right where they are. Over the winter months, butterflies

  • Nature: Woodpeckers come knocking

    “What do you do with a drunken sailor?” goes the popular old song. This week we could say “What do you do with a large drunken woodpecker?” I had an email from a friend in Manset telling me about a pileated woodpecker that has been eating too many fermented berries in a tree near her

  • Nature: Warm days, cool nights mimic spring

    Fall is such a colorful season, but the leaves can disappear in one wind storm and the landscape switches to a wintery look. Tamaracks, one of our evergreens add a lovely yellow for a long time but in a flash these trees too become bare until next spring. From my observations this fall, yellow dominated

  • Nature: Bears on parade

    Travels this past month have taken me to beyond the tree line in Labrador and it was a dramatic change of scenery as we drove southward into the colorful fall foliage in Quebec and then Maine. Yellows and reds seemed to dominate and the landscape was very beautiful. Here on Mount Desert Island it is