• Nature: Frogs gather to hear music

    The soft pink spires of steeplebush (Spiraea tomentosa) decorate Mount Desert Island as August unfolds. This is a very handsome plant! It is well named for steeple-like flower clusters rise high above other plants. The colorful flowers bloom in succession slowly downward, so often the top of the spike is half withered, while the lower

  • Nature: Whale seen from in town Bar Harbor

    Bright yellow tansy blossoms dominate the scene right now. The plant thrives on this island and demands your attention. I suspect that to many people it’s just “some kind of goldenrod,” but it is really a very interesting wild plant and has been one for many years in many parts of the world. This plant

  • Nature: Merlins are on the rise in Maine

    Nature: Merlins are on the rise in Maine

    It always nice to get to know your neighbors, and that includes the wildlife sharing your space here on Mount Desert Island. A resident in Southwest Harbor has had “some kind of a hawk” nesting near her home and was very interested in finding out what the bird was. I gave her some contacts she

  • Nature; Let a dragonfly land on your arm

    Butterflies and moths stole the limelight this week for me. As my friend and I played music at the Common Good on Thursday morning we noticed a bit of commotion near the building. It turned out to be beautiful Luna moth sitting on the pavement and it was definitely in danger of being stepped on.

  • Nature: Carniverous pitcher plants

    Wildlife happenings come when you least expect them. I am always looking as I move about our island. This week I was driving to town over Long Hill one day when I noticed a medium-sized bird fly up from the side. Its belabored flight caught my attention for it was carrying something heavy in its

  • Nature Welcome the hummingbirds

    The natural world is so busy at this time of year raising families that there is no end to finding wonderful sights to see. Many great sights come along when you are not expecting them. You just have to be ready at all times, wherever you are, and savor the moment. I love watching guillemots

  • Nature: Undersea creatures

    We are surrounded by water, but I daresay that most of us know very little about what fascinating creatures are living there. Other than fishermen earning their living from the sea most of us see only a few creatures living nearby, for most creatures are in deeper water out of our sight. My most rewarding

  • Nature; Tiny jeweled helicopters arrive

    “Summertime and the living is easy … fish are jumpin’ … ” So goes the wonderful song by Gershwin. I love playing it on my violin. Summer is a busy time for all wildlife. Migration for some birds, courting for all, nest building, egg laying and brooding; then family cares as long as necessary. Some