Author Kristen Britain will celebrate the Solstice, or the "Day of Aeryon", by holding free Facebook Live events on June 19 and 20. PHOTO COURTESY OF KRISTEN BRITAIN

Celebrate the solstice 

MOUNT DESERT – Celebrate the solsticeor as fans of the bestselling Green Rider series call itthe Day of Aeryonwith New York Times bestselling author Kristen Britain. She will be joined by cover artists, an audiobook actor, collaborators on the recent CD and photo book inspired by the Green Rider series, and the librarian caretaker of her archive at Texas A&M University. On June 19 and 20, these free events will be at 

Kristen Britain lives on Mount Desert Island and writes books for a living following a career at the National Park Service that included stints at Mammoth Cave, Lowell National Historic Park, Rocky Mountain National Park and Acadia National Park. The first book in the Green Rider series was released in 1998; she is currently at work on the ninth Green Rider book. 

Signed copies of books in the Green Rider series are available at Sherman’s

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