‘Burning rubber’ is a popular activity in Stonington and the subject of the film “Tire Tracks,” to be shown at the Northeast Harbor Library on Feb. 15. PHOTO COURTESY OF NEH LIBRARY

‘Burning rubber’ topic of local film

MOUNT DESERT — John Steed’s film “Tire Tracks” will open the second season of the Northeast Harbor Library’s local film series on Wednesday, Feb. 15, at 5 p.m.

The 30-minute film, commissioned by the Stonington Opera House and made in 2006, is about the practice of “burning rubber.” Nobody loves engines like a fisherman. Since the time of early combustion engines, with the one-lunger, being a fisherman has meant tinkering with engines. Making tracks on pavement is a curious use of engines. The community of Stonington participates in this activity. Is it a ritual, a rite of passage for the beginning of manhood? “Tire Tracks” gives us a glimpse into this world.

A discussion with Sherwood Carr will follow the film to help those who don’t know a lot about engines understand how they do it.


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