Billy Bob Thornton and the Boxmasters will perform at The Criterion Theatre on Aug. 3. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE CRITERION THEATRE

Boxmasters to bring rockabilly to Criterion

BAR HARBOR — Country rock/rockabilly band Billy Bob Thornton and The Boxmasters will perform at The Criterion Theatre on Friday, Aug. 3.

“Founded in 2007, The Boxmasters have since toured across the United States with their unmistakable brand of rockabilly infused with the sound of groups like The Beatles and The Byrds,” said a press release.

“Fronting the band, Thornton is serious about his music, having recorded four solo albums and performed on numerous recordings including the legendary Earl Scruggs’ ‘Earl Scruggs and Friends.’ Organist Teddy Andreadis has shared the stage with the likes of Guns N Roses, Carole King, Bo Diddley and B.B. King. Meanwhile, guitarist and Boxmasters co-founder J.D. Andrew is a Grammy Award-winning recording engineer whose credits include The Rolling Stones, Kanye West and Guy Clark.”

The three-piece band will be touring their new album “Speck.”

“Lyrically it deals with everything from personal relationships to politics, social issues. The theme being that we are all specks in this universe trying to navigate it, during trying times in the world we still have our own loves, desires, problems and dreams as individuals,” said Thornton.

“We’re just little humans. No matter what our standing is in society.”

Seats in the balcony and front center orchestra sections cost $60.50, premium orchestra seats cost $50.50, and general orchestra seats cost $35.50. Tickets will go on sale for members on March 27 and for the general public on March 28 at

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