Book publishing workshop planned

BAR HARBOR — Internationally bestselling author Carrie Jones will lead a workshop on “Book Publishing 101” Tuesday, Nov. 5 from 3-5 p.m. at Anchorspace.

Jones has written more than 19 books and will take participants through each step of the process of getting a book published.

She’ll discuss planning, writing, editing, submitting, and marketing/selling a book. Participants will learn the pros and cons of traditional publishers and decide what work they should do themselves versus what work they should hire someone else to do.

“When I first met Carrie, I knew she was an author … I just didn’t know what a big deal she was,” said Nicole Ouellette, member of Anchorspace Bar Harbor. “The fact that she is a member of our space seemed like an opportunity for all of us to learn from her.”

In addition to her writing career, Jones is a photographer, freelance editor, writing coach, podcaster, writing teacher at Austin’s Writing Barn and dog enthusiast.

“I’m excited to be able to help writers advance to the next steps in their writing journey,” Jones said.

The professional development opportunities at Anchorspace Bar Harbor are held monthly and are designed to teach important skills and information in an entertaining way.

The workshops are free for Anchorspace members and cost $25/person for the general public. Each workshop is recorded and streamed live so participants can review the workshop afterwards and attend the workshop from anywhere. The end of each workshop includes a ‘happy hour’ where participants can network and discuss the workshop topic.


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