Arthur Haines will speak at the Northeast Harbor Library on June 20. His book "A New Path" compares how humans live now to how we lived in the past. PHOTO COURTESY OF ARTHUR HAINES

Book makes case for return to older ways

MOUNT DESERT — Arthur Haines will talk about his new book, “A New Path,” at the Northeast Harbor Library on Wednesday, June 20, at 5:30 p.m.

The book takes a candid look at the contemporary ways of life of humans in an attempt to reinstate biological norms, the patterns of living that define each species on the planet. This book presents the forgotten species norms of Homo sapiens and explains that when people deviate from these patterns, they experience sickness of various kinds: cancer, depression, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc.

Through combining historical observations of hunter-gatherers, people who were extremely resilient to chronic disease, with modern research, “A New Path” makes the case that improving life through technology is myth. It also provides guidance on many important aspects of human health, including diet, water, medicine, awareness, nature immersion, movement, community and ancestral technologies. The book makes a case for loss of health and sovereignty as a result of human domestication and seeks to rekindle people’s desire for nature connection and eco-conscientious living.

Haines has been teaching in the field of human health and ecology for over 20 years. He runs the Delta Institute of Natural History. His classes focus primarily on foraging, herbal medicine and ancestral ways of life. His series of YouTube videos has been watched by thousands of people interested in wild edible and medicinal plants. He also has been a frequent guest on podcasts such as “ReWild Yourself,” “Fat Burning Man” and “Not Just Paleo.” Haines grew up in Avon and currently resides in Canton with his wife and child.

This talk is free and open to the public.

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