Better thinking for a wiser Earth

BAR HARBOR — College of the Atlantic professor Gray Cox will speak at the next COA Human Ecology Forum on Tuesday, Oct. 6 at 4:10 p.m. in McCormick Lecture Hall.

“Climate change and the sixth great extinction, weapons of mass destruction, technology that threatens to radically alter and overwhelm our humanity — many would wonder, ‘What are we thinking?’” Cox said.

“But it’s not so much what we are thinking, as how we are doing it.”

In place of the dominant styles of reasoning in economics, realpolitik and instrumentalist technology, Cox argues, Quaker, Gandhian and other ‘dialogical’ practices of reasoning provide models for funding solidarity, responsible investment and political change. They provide the key to addressing existential crises created by dominant, current models of economic, political technological and moral reasoning, he says.

“These ways of thinking offer a process of practical rational inquiry which can discover emergent objective moral truth and bear witness to it in ways that are effective in securing rational consent and enforcing rational, moral norms in non-violent ways,” he said.

In the talk, Cox will sketch and illustrate the general features of dialogical reasoning to exemplify how it might be developed in systematic ways at the global level as part of a genuinely civilized global culture of peace that would create not just a “smarter planet” but a “wiser Earth.”

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