Better breakups focus of talk

MOUNT DESERT — Mai Huong Nguyen will present a talk titled “Calling in a Great Love Life by Releasing Painful Love Breakup Patterns: An Introduction to the Conscious Uncoupling Process” at the Northeast Harbor Library on Wednesday, Feb. 14, at 5 p.m.

Valentine’s Day marks a celebration of romantic love, said a press release. “When it comes to having an enduring, healthy and nurturing romantic relationship, there is a widely accepted belief that great love happens only to a lucky few people. Thus, for many who do not deem themselves so fortunate, they must contend with feelings of loneliness, bewilderment when it comes to the game of love, hopelessness and even deep pain.”

“This disempowering belief that love happens by chance is also at the root of many painful romantic breakups. We are not routinely and clearly taught the skills needed to attract and maintain healthy, committed love relationships. While it’s absurd to think that we would leave our health to chance without taking proactive measures to care for our physical wellbeing, yet this is exactly what we do in this very significant area of our life.

“When the initial spark of love in a partnership inevitably fizzles,” the press release said, “the relationship relies on consistent nurturing practices to ensure its stability and growth over the long haul. These practices come from becoming aware of unconscious, sabotaging, habitual relational patterns and developing the skill set necessary to attract and maintain great love relationships.”

This talk is free and open to the public.

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