Beauty is in the eye(brow) of the beholder

The before and after photos of an eyebrow microblading treatment.

BAR HARBOR — If you think the new year might be a good time to expand your beauty regimen, keep reading.

Eyebrow microblading, a beauty treatment that is gaining popularity nationwide, can now be found in Bar Harbor. Licensed esthetician Diana Chiriac, owner of Aesthetics by Diana, is the first business on Mount Desert Island to offer the service.

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that creates precision, hair-like strokes along the eyebrow region. These marks are created with a nano microblade to simulate hair for anyone who desires to reshape, enhance or create natural looking eyebrows. This process is meant to accent the appearance around the eyes and highlight the face’s best features.

At her salon on Rodick Street, Chiriac puts into practice the training she received to design and apply eyebrows. She has been microblading for four years. “I started in Florida; I got my certification there,” she said. Having lived winters in Naples and having visited Mount Desert Island in the summers, Chiriac made the eventual choice to open her year-round salon in Bar Harbor. After shutting down for three months due to the pandemic, she is happy to be open again daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Similar to a tattoo, microbladed eyebrows are pigments implanted into the skin with a needle. However, the eyebrow technique is different because the pigments are applied between the skin and the epidermis (outer layer of skin) whereas a permanent tattoo pierces ink beyond this top skin layer to the dermis. “There is no bleeding and barely any pain; the feeling is similar to getting eyebrows waxed,” said Chiriac. Chiriac goes on to describe the sensation of the procedure to be more tingling than painful for customers.

“I first ask customers to arrive with a washed face,” she said. This makes it easier for Chiriac to disinfect and apply numbing cream on the eyebrow area.

Then Chiriac begins the shaping process, which involves a careful measuring and pre-drawing of the eyebrows. “I form and contour the flow of the hair stroke with a special pencil until the client is happy with the look, which takes me the longest,” she said. Chiriac offers customers a variety of shades to choose for their eyebrow color and advises which dyes appropriately match natural hair.

Once the client is happy with the drawing, Chiriac starts the semi-permanent makeup microblading machine, a device with a small needle that gets infused with the selected dye to etch upon the skin. Customers should expect when leaving the chair to have perfectly shaped eyebrows that will remain for 18 to 30 months. “It depends on how oily the skin is, or if they use exfoliant; it won’t disappear, it will just likely fade,” she said.

The client’s eyebrows are considered finalized when the healing process is finished six weeks later. After six weeks, clients are advised to come in for a free follow-up appointment that allows Chiriac to analyze the pigmentation quality. “It’s a way for me to finalize my work and do a free touch up if need be…,” she said. Though the majority of her first jobs look great, Chiriac continues to ensure high standards for her customers.

Chiriac wants people to know that she has her bloodborne pathogens certification. “The state of Maine does not have regulations on microblading yet, and having bloodborne pathogens training is very crucial when a client asks for microblading to be done,” said Chiriac. She explained that some beauticians practicing microblading in surrounding areas such as Bangor do not have this important training.

Since Chiriac began doing the service, she has offered it free of charge to people with alopecia—a skin condition that causes hair to fall out. Although the service typically costs $550, she is offering a $350 microblading special for the remainder of January. For more information about Chiriac’s microblading service, visit the Aesthetics by Diana Facebook page.

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