Author Gretchen Legler chronicles her experiences in the backwoods of Maine in her book “Woodsqueer: Crafting a Sustainable Life.” PHOTO COURTESY OF JESUP MEMORIAL LIBRARY

Author writes homage to agrarian American life 

BAR HARBOR — Author Gretchen Legler will give a virtual talk at 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 21, in which she chronicles her experiences intentionally focusing on not just making a living but making a life on 80 acres in the backwoods of Maine in her book “Woodsqueer: Crafting a Sustainable Life.”  

The term “woodsqueer” is sometimes used to describe the mindset of a person who has taken to the wild for an extended period of time. Legler and her partner Ruth decided to live with the solitude, endless trees and wild animals that they came to welcome as family. Through their experiences, they have honed skills such as carpentry, tracking and hunting wild game, animal husbandry, vegetable gardening and woodcutting.  

Legler is the author of “On the Ice: An Intimate Portrait of Life at McMurdo Station, Antarctica” and “All the Powerful Invisible Things: A Sportswoman’s Notebook,” which received two Pushcart Prizes. She is a professor of creative writing at the University of Maine at Farmington. 

Copies of “Woodsqueer” are on sale at Sherman’s Books at any of their locations, online at or by calling (207) 288-3161. 

Registration is required to receive the Zoom link. To register, fill out the form at or email [email protected]  

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