The artwork of Vincent Liu will be on display at the Jesup Memorial Library through the month of June. IMAGE COURTESY OF THE JESUP MEMORIAL LIBRARY

Artwork of teacher, student on display

BAR HARBOR — The artwork of both Vincent Liu and the teacher who introduced him to the art world, Kamil Rzèsiewicz, will be on display at the Jesup Memorial Library during the month of June.

Rzèsiewicz, who was a fine arts professor in Europe, is battling addiction and is homeless. His work, which is spray paint on photo paper, features stray dogs that live in Palermo, Sicily, with which he holds a powerful spiritual connection.

“I’m homeless in the streets, but when I look at these dogs who choose to stay with me, they don’t seem sad but content with their situation,” Rzèsiewicz said.

“They are my guardian angels as they give me hope. They remind me that life is beautiful and something to be cherished no matter the circumstances. Sure, life is hard at times, but it is the greatest gift in the universe.”

Artwork will be available to purchase.

Call the Jesup at 288-4245.


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