‘Wolf Creek’ to make debut

wolf creekBAR HARBOR — Meet local author Nikko Lee at the launch of “Wolf Creek” at the Jesup Memorial Library on Thursday, Sept. 10, at 7 p.m.

Lee said her novel “combined my love of the paranormal – in this case, werewolves instead of my favored vampires – and my desire to write an adventure for a gay main character that didn’t revolve around his sexual orientation.”

The author spent time in the writing groups of both the Ellsworth Public Library and the Jesup Library while writing her book. Lee said, “The Jesup Library writing group has provided invaluable feedback both in person and through their Facebook page. The process of revising and editing a story for publication requires a community of writers if only to lean on during the long and arduous – at least for me – process.”

Lee is the penname of Michelle Knowlton. Knowlton is a scientific curator at the Jackson Laboratory and a member of MDI Search and Rescue.

Visit nikkolee.com. Contact the Jesup at 288-4245 or [email protected].

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