(From left) 2019 Wild Blueberry Queen Shannon Hopkins, 2021 Wild Blueberry Ambassador Aubrey Schaeffer, 2021 Wild Blueberry Ambassador runner-up Abigail Corelts and 2019 Wild Blueberry Princess Erin Dugan. PHOTO COURTESY OF UNION FAIR

Wild Blueberry Queen competition returns in 2022 

UNION — The long tradition of the Maine Wild Blueberry Queen is making a comeback at the Union Fair-Maine Wild Blueberry Festival this year. 

The Maine Wild Blueberry Queen Competition will be held on Friday, July 29, with the coronation ceremony at 7 p.m. 

With the Union Fair-Maine Wild Blueberry Festival being moved to the end of July, the event organizers hope that more young women who may be eligible but couldn’t compete in the past due to the start of school will be able to compete this year. 

The competition is open to all young women ages 17-25 who are residents of 

Maine. Both single and married women are invited to compete. 

Candidates should have a strong interest in the Maine wild blueberry industry as they will be representing blueberry growers and processors throughout the state. 

During the competition, candidates will be interviewed in front of an audience about their knowledge of Maine blueberries. 

The winner will receive the traditional crown and sash along with a cash prize. 

The duties of the Maine Wild Blueberry Queen include representing the Maine wild blueberry industry at many state functions, parades and charitable events throughout the year. 

Applications will be available online at  www.UnionFair.org. 

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