Villarreal showing at the Jesup

BAR HARBOR — The work of artist Daniel Villarreal will be on display at the Jesup Memorial Library during the month of February.

“This current show is homage to a recent visit to the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial. The experience was one of pride in the American commitment to freedom and an acknowledgement of the price it took (and takes) to achieve,” wrote Villarreal. The show will feature pieces arranged in a way to reflect the Normandy American Cemetery grave markers.

Villarrel’s artwork explores the interdependent relationship between past, present and future by considering history, modern research and personal experiences as an interconnected whole. He incorporates historic emblems to recall the viewer to the context of circumstance in how we live, feel and develop a sense of self. A defining aspect his work is a circle grid, which highlights the tension that exists between togetherness and individuality and the necessity of both for survival. Villareal is a California native who resides in Bar Harbor.

Contact 288-4245.

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