Swartz to discuss the Mainers who helped save the Union

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Brian Swartz will discuss “Maine Helps Save the Union in 1861 and 1862” Wednesday, Jan. 8, 5:30 p.m. at the Southwest Harbor Public Library. He will draw from his recently published book: “Maine at War Volume 1: Bladensburg to Sharpsburg.”

In a matter of weeks in spring 1861, Maine geared up to support the Union, recruiting and equipping six infantry regiments and shipping four of them to Washington in time to participate in the Battle of Bull Run. Before the year’s end, Maine raised five more infantry regiments, a cavalry regiment, and six artillery batteries; 17,000 Mainers enlisted to help save the country that year. Swartz’s illustrated talk will focus on the role Maine played in preserving the Union during the war’s first two years — and the audience will meet some Maine men and women who made it possible.

Raised in Brewer, Swartz became passionate about the Civil War during its centennial and started visiting far-flung battlefields in the late 1980s. A Bangor Daily News reporter and editor for 27 years, he launched his Maine at War column in April 2011 and his Maine at War blog in March 2012; the blog has published weekly ever since.

Swartz and his wife Susan live in Hampden with their cat, Miss Getty, short for “Gettysburg.”

Contact 244-7065.

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