Author and illustrator Theresa Klotz Marshall. PHOTO COURTESY OF PENOBSCOT BAY PRESS

Revealing “The Forgotten Bridge of Acadia” 


STONINGTON — From an author who grew up in Bar Harbor comes a story about exploring the town. Though aimed at children, “The Forgotten Bridge of Acadia” by Therese Klotz Marshall is for people of all ages who love Bar Harbor. Published earlier this year by Penobscot, a division of Penobscot Bay Press, the book is also illustrated by Marshall. 

The story is about a girl and her dog who explore their island home of Bar Harbor. One day they find a pink-granite bridge with three arches, hidden from view by overgrown brush. The girl, her father and the townspeople uncover the history of the bridge and clear away the overgrowth to reveal the forgotten bridge. 

“When I was a child growing up on Eagle Lake Road in Bar Harbor in the 1950s, my family would drive into Acadia National Park up to the top of Cadillac Mountain to look at the view of Frenchmans Bay and the Porcupine Islands,” Marshall said. “Driving on Route 3 into Bar Harbor, my parents would say, ‘Look to the right. It’s coming up. Don’t look away or you will miss it. There it is!’ We would chime, ‘I saw it!’ We were talking about ‘Dad’s bridge,’ formally known as the Duck Brook Motor Bridge on Paradise Hill Road. My father designed and was construction supervisor for the real ‘Forgotten Bridge of Acadia,’ completed in 1952.” 

Accompanying the story and illustrations is information about that bridge, including a history and contemporary photographs. The Duck Brook Motor Bridge – the last of the major bridges constructed in Acadia National Park – is the largest continuous concrete arch deck bridge east of the Mississippi River, built on land donated by John D. Rockefeller Jr. Marshall has, for many years, attempted to get the brush and scrub growing around the bridge removed so that it becomes visible again. For more information on that effort, visit 

Marshall is a graduate of Holy Cross School of Nursing in South Bend, Ind. She has worked as a registered nurse in Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee in pediatrics, surgery, oral surgery and with orthopedic and neurological work-related injuries. She was the owner, operator and marketer of a medical and vocational rehabilitation company that served Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee.  

“The Forgotten Bridge of Acadia” is available at 

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