Reception opens MDI Photo Club show at the Mellon Room in NEH

MOUNT DESERT— The Mount Desert Island Photo Club hosted its first annual reception at the Northeast Harbor Library on Friday June 5. Several dozen people turned out to view the work of the island’s finest aspiring photographers.

The gallery, in the Mellon Room of the library, features works both spectacular and sublime. The show will be on display for the month of June.

Club president Howie Motenko told those assembled that “This club is a photography resource in the community. There’s a lot of camaraderie and respect among the club members, and the underlying value that binds us together is our friendship.”

“Numbers and statistics can never limit our photo club,” Motenko said.

Photographer John W. Whetstone spoke about how the club was founded. “We felt there was a need to have a photo club on the island,” he said. About 20 people turned out for the first meeting about three years ago. “We’ve continued to meet every third Tuesday of the month here in the Mellon Room, which the library has generously let us use, and this is our first photo gallery reception.”

The pieces featured many unique and stunning images of nature, people and houses, boats and more.

Exhibitors include Cort Bassett, Steve Beaupre, Brenda Beckett, Jennifer Booher, Jeffrey Burnham, Kenn Chandler, Ed Douglas, Harold Drabkin, Dorothea Eiben, Gabrielle Graham, Alfred Judd, Jim Keene, Priscilla Keene, Kat Montminy, Steve Montminy, Howie Motenko, Tammy Packie, Steven Redgate, John Rivers, Sally Rowan, Ken Small, George Soules, Anne Wetzel, John Whetstone and Mary Whetstone.

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