Pottery project gets community Fired Up

TOWN HILL — ArtWaves, a local community arts center, is hosting a free pottery project called Fired Up to promote domestic abuse awareness.  

ArtWaves Executive Director Liz Cutler feels it is powerful to respond in a tangible, visual manner to domestic abuse. Through Fired Up, she said that the organization is awakening the campus and the community in a hands-on way to open conversations on a stigmatized subject. 

ArtWaves is reaching out to anyone in the community ages 16 or older to respond to domestic abuse through clay. 

“The more we discuss domestic violence and domestic abuse, the more we eliminate the stigma that weighs down and silences those trapped in its vicious cycles. We must build awareness in our community,” said Cutler. She added that this awareness can lead to identifying abusive behaviors early on and preventing harm to members of our community including family, friends, neighbors or coworkers.  

“Awareness can also prove to those suffering that they are not alone, and they too can break the silence,” she said. 

Clay can be picked up at ArtWaves at 329 Main Street in Bar Harbor in 1- to 5-pound portions. Basic clay handling instructions and some fabric to work on are provided as well. Participants are encouraged to bring the kit home to create a piece that speaks to the issue of domestic abuse. Pieces can be an object to comfort and acknowledge the subject or they can be more graphically emotional.  

“When words fail us, art can speak volumes. Artwaves is in a unique position, as our community art center, to engage a wide range of participants across the local population regardless of age, gender, artistic experience. We are creating an opportunity to come together and show solidarity and support for domestic abuse survivors and those currently experiencing domestic abuse,” Cutler said. 

Finished projects should be returned to ArtWaves by Oct. 9. On Oct. 23, an outdoor communal glazing and firing will take place at ArtWaves.  

A public exhibition will be held at the Northeast Harbor Library from Nov.1 to Dec. 30, during which the participating artists can pick up their finished pieces. 

To register for the project, visit https://artwavesmdi.org/event-4394058.    

Ninah Rein

Ninah Rein

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