Photos aim to soothe, uplift


John Cardano

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — John W. Cardano’s “Natural Relations” (Xlibris) is a companion book to his first publication, “The Fabric of Health.”

“Natural Relations” presents nature’s beauty as well as nature’s intimacy with man’s innate feelings. The varied photos captured offer an opportunity for readers to relax and inspire an ease of being to those who seek for the quiet and the soothing effect of being close to nature. This compilation promotes relaxation and inspiration with the beauty and wonder of nature’s working wonders outside and inside.

Cardano notes that there is great concern about the loss of nature and man’s ability to experience it. That is one of the reasons why he compiled a substantial number of photographs from the coast of Maine and a river in Georgia to bring a reprieve, albeit a temporary one, to those who want a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

“Natural Relations” is a powerfully communicative book that promotes the beauty of nature through vividly captured images and the affinity to it that will bring about a boost in a person’s overall health and well-being.

Pain and cancer set and kept John W. Cardano on a quest toward health. He found his salvation in nature and has since been a proactive speaker of its myriad benefits to man’s health. Cardano also credits breath in his continued journey to stabilizing his health concerns.

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