A performance by Joanna Logue and Jan Pinkerton called "Under the Light: the Dancer and the Painter" will be presented Wednesday, July 25, at Logue's art studio in Somesville PHOTO COURTESY OF BARN ARTS

Performances combine dance, photography, spoken word

TREMONT — The Barn Arts Collective presents work by local artists Cheryl Novins, Michele Benoit, Joanna Logue and Jan Pinkerton at two upcoming performances.

On Saturday, July 21, at 7 p.m. at the Barn, Novins and Benoit explore conservation issues on Mount Desert Island in a piece called “Island Environmental.” The work includes photography, science, prose and the spoken word. “This new work dares to expose the underlying resilience that reveals our identity, exploring themes common to the human condition such as fear, loss and courage,” Barn Arts representatives said.

A performance by Logue and Pinkerton called “Under the Light: the Dancer and the Painter” will be presented Wednesday, July 25, at Logue’s art studio at 8 Oak Hill Road in Somesville. Logue is a painter and Pinkerton is a semi-retired professional contemporary dancer.

“The two have a mutual respect and understanding of each other’s creative process and share an artist’s responsibility as communicators to the world,” event organizers said. “When Jan was diagnosed with a life threatening illness, they decided to formalize their collaboration and make a work about the experience, and through the work explore their fears and test concepts of resilience common to the human condition.

“Over the past two years Jan and Joanna have worked together to document and record medical milestones and create the back-story for their collaboration and informally map their professional and personal histories. Drawing on past performances and life experiences is the catalyst to open up the movement dialogue. The personal narrative guides the performer to an authentic self, drawing out concepts of fear, loss, courage, resilience, determination, love and connectedness, encouraging an inner strength and a deep appreciation of what it means to be human.”

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