MDI watercolor class  

MOUNT DESERT Come out and enjoy painting in the best studio ever, the great outdoors. Midcoast artist Erica Qualey will present a three-day plein air watercolor painting course on Mount Desert Island Aug. 12-14. The course is offered throughArtWaves, a nonprofit community arts organization.
This class is a hybrid of online and in person instruction to ensure that everyone will be able to social distance and get the most out of their experience. Group instruction and demonstrations will be provided in video form for participants to watch prior to class. During class, participants will meet at a designated location to paint independently while Qualey circulates and gives one-on-one instruction (wearing a mask, of course).
This is an open-level watercolor class that will focus on a variety of techniques and concepts that will help participants grow as painters and gain confidence with watercolor. Be prepared to wear a mask when needed to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment. 

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