Marine technician Joee Patterson assists scientists on an ice floe. PHOTO COURTESY OF FOMCI NWR

Marine technician shares Antarctic experiences on Zoom

An Emperor penguin poses in front of research vessel Nathaniel B Palmer near Thwaites Glacier. PHOTO COURTESY OF FOMCI NWR

ROCKLAND– Learn about scientific expeditions in Antarctica with Joee Patterson, who has been a marine technician on nine expeditions. The Zoom talk will take place on Wednesday, Jan. 20, at 6:30 p.m.

Antarctica is home to some of the most inaccessible places on earth. The harsh environment, alien landscapes, unique inhabitants and vastness of this continent are difficult to imagine, much less truly comprehend, and yet all these things are crucial components to our understanding of a rapidly changing planet.

Patterson will share stories of life on an icebreaker, the scientific expeditions that she has facilitated and close encounters with the wildlife. This lecture will give a brief overview of marine operations for the U.S. Antarctic Program and a discussion of the science conducted on these missions (from the perspective of a layperson) combined with personal stories and observations.

Register at The program also will be streamed on the Friends of Maine Coastal Islands NWR Facebook page. For more information, email [email protected] or call 594-0600 x5.

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