Marilyn Beardsley Heise discusses her new book with a Sherman’s customer. PHOTO COURTESY OF SHERMAN’S BOOKS

Maine author launches book at Sherman’s 

BAR HARBOR  East Boothbay author Marilyn Beardsley Heise recently launched retail sales of her new book Perilous Pills, Protecting Yourself from Fluoroquinolone Injury at Sherman’s stores in Damariscotta, Boothbay Harbor, Bar Harbor, Freeport and Portland. This is her first book. 

Marilyn was harmed by taking an antibiotic called Levaquin, part of a frequently prescribed class of drugs called fluoroquinolones that also includes Cipro, Avelox and numerous generics. She suffered severe tendinitis and a torn rotator cuff after taking Levaquin, which was prescribed by her doctor. As she slowly recovered, she discovered that thousands of others had been hurt by these medications that were being overprescribed.  

As a journalist, the author decided to investigate. What she found were thousands of tales of injury, disability and psychological impairment that sometimes continued for months or years. She uncovered a story of profit over safety, unreliable regulation at the FDA, overuse in hospital settings, errors in pharmacy dispensing and overprescribing by doctors, all of which impacted the safety of taking these common antibiotics. The book is a result of her extensive research. 

“It has become my mission, my passion, to increase awareness among patients about the risks associated with taking fluoroquinolones and to generate change in a medical community that has perpetuated this decades-long harm,” said the author. 

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