Losing baby spurs home enterprise

This owl hat is the creation of Lindsay Cough  PHOTO COURTESY HEN’S HATCHLINGS

This owl hat is the creation of Lindsay Cough

MOUNT DESERT — In the weeks after she lost her daughter mid-pregnancy in January of 2012, Lindsay Cough needed a distraction.

“I sculpt, and I like to paint and I like to read, but none of it was enough to keep me busy,” said Cough, who lives in Somesville.

Her father, who taught her to crochet when she was 7 years old, volunteered to give her a refresher course. After a day of relearning the skill, Cough had found her distraction.

“I found that counting the stitches and trying to come up with different patterns was helping me redirect my feelings,” she said. “The more I crocheted, the happier I got.”

During her pregnancy, Cough had become friends with other soon-to-be mothers in an online pregnancy forum. Soon, she started crocheting hats for their babies.

“Those were the babies that were developing at the same time [as her daughter]. I felt like those were her friends, too, so I wanted to do something nice for them,” Cough said.

Soon enough, Cough’s crocheting became a full-fledged business. She and her husband decided to call the business Hen’s Hatchlings after their daughter.

“Our little girl was named Henrietta, and we just called her Hen for short,” Cough said.

Now, she creates custom hats for babies and adults, baby blankets, scarves, mittens, baby-wearing blankets, and even stuffed animals. She can make a hat into an owl, dog, rabbit, lobster — you name it, she can crochet it.

Cough is mother to Orion, 9, Gordon, 18 months, and Gregor, 3 months.

“I call myself a ‘naptimepreneur’ because it’s the only time I have to get anything done,” she said.

Cough says she still speaks to the mothers who showed early support both during her grief and with her new business venture.

“Those moms are still friends with me and talk with me every day,” Cough said. “They still show a lot of support for me and my hats.”


Hen’s Hatchlings can be found on Facebook at www.facebook.com /Hens-Hatchlings.

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