Scott Stevens of Evergreen Pottery and his wife Mo McGuire of Queen Anne’s Flower Shop. PHOTO COURTESY OF MO MCGUIRE

Local business owners mark decades of creativity in Bar Harbor

This spring marks the 25th anniversary of Evergreen Pottery and the 15th anniversary of its roommate business, Queen Anne’s Flower Shop.

BAR HARBOR — This spring will mark the 15th anniversary of a local Mother’s Day gift destination, Queen Anne’s Flower Shop and the 25th anniversary of its roommate business, Evergreen Pottery.  

Scott Stevens, owner of Evergreen Pottery, said his business has operated out of the same Mount Desert Street location since it opened in 1997. Stevens, of Mount Desert, has spent the majority of these years at his studio in Trenton firing pottery to put on display at his Bar Harbor shop.  

“Everything’s from scratch. I get raw clay, my chemicals are raw, and I mix up my own glazes,” he said. For over two decades, the artist has sold everything from large ceramic lamps to dinner sets. 

Founded in 2007, Queen Anne’s Flower Shop was purchased by Stevens’ wife, Mo McGuire, who relocated her business to the same location as her husband’s shop. 

The separate businesses offer pottery and flowers, plus photography, jewelry and other gifts handmade mostly by the pair.  

“Mo’s jewelry is in all the glass cases, all her photography is on the walls, and she helps in the pottery studio as well,” Stevens said. 

The couple has for years delivered flowers and gifts island-wide for events of all kinds. “We’re kind of divided between doing everyday bouquets for hotels and locals, but the majority of my business is actually weddings,” McGuire said. “I did probably 90 weddings last year, which was record breaking because of COVID.” Many vases made by Stevens are incorporated into McGuire’s flower arrangement orders for customers who are looking for an extra gift. “Every ceramic piece gets signed with our names, Evergreen Pottery, Bar Harbor, Maine, and the date, because they are all personal to us,” Stevens said. 

Due to the pandemic, Stevens and McGuire decided to close their shops these last two winters. “Despite COVID throwing a wrench into things, the fact that we survived this long as a pottery shop is incredible. Having a family business for 25 years is pretty amazing,” Stevens said.  

If it weren’t for repeat customers over the years, the owners said they would not be where they are today. “People who buy pieces come back and buy more to add to their collection or for friends. It’s really touching when people do that,” he said. 

The couple is grateful to everyone for keeping their passions alive and plans to stay in business as long as possible.  

“I don’t see ourselves really changing this at all,” McGuire said. 

Queen Anne’s Flower Shop and Evergreen Pottery have Facebook pages as well as business websites at and 

Ninah Rein

Ninah Rein

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