Local artist creates uniquely personal tarot cards 


SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Island native, bartender and artist Carla Minctons has returned from a creative pause more inspired than ever and has set her sights on the creation of a tarot card deck. 

For most of her school career, Minctons could be found in the art room. She learned to paint first under the direction of Bob Satler at Pemetic Elementary and then Dan Stillman at Mount Desert Island High School. When she was in her mid-20s, she began upcycling (also known as creative reusing) furniture in addition to painting colorful, nautical-themed canvases. While working at restaurants, she continued to make time for art and eventually, as she says, found her medium. 

Mincton’s works, some of which she sells, consists of painted furniture, acrylic portraits, seasonal decorations, wall art, reupholstered chairs and more. “Throughout the years, I’ve done a lot of commission work. I’ve sold a lot of my furniture, but I don’t really sell paintings,” she said. 

In 2018, Minctons lost her husband David to a heart attack, an experience that she said changed her direction spiritually, along with her creative ambition. She began reading tarot cards around the same time that David passed away, which gave her something to believe in.  

“When I lost someone I never thought I could live without, I had some really big signs that sort of awakened this belief system in me,” she said.  

A few weeks ago, Minctons decided she would make a tarot deck. 

A tarot deck contains 78 cards, which, the artist said, will take a while to complete because she is not used to small-scale drawing. The artist creates one card a day using acrylic markers to draw images on paper that are inspired by her ideas and people in her life.  


“The Seven of Cups card was inspired by my youngest son Simon, who is in the military,” said Minctons, adding that she gets that specific card often when he asks her for a reading.  

When Minctons completes the deck, she plans to have someone local print her work onto cards for others who are looking for spiritual guidance.  

“I’ve had a lot of people tell me they would like to buy a set when they are done, so that probably will happen,” she said. “Healing is such a process. It takes a long time, but I’m back at it, now I’m inspired again. It’s really hard to get back into art and getting confidence about trusting your intuition.”  


**This story has been updated to correct the cause of death of David Minctons.

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