Sean Todd, Steven K. Katona chair in Marine Sciences at College of the Atlantic, gives a virtual talk about polar regions on Feb. 9. PHOTO COURTESY OF CT PRODUCTIONS

Life in the ice talk on Zoom 

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Sean Todd will give the virtual talk “Poles Apart; the differences and similarities between polar regions” on Feb. 9 at 5:30 p.m., hosted by Southwest Harbor Public Library in collaboration with the Camden Conference, a nonprofit educational organization that fosters informed discussion on world issues.  

In this lectureTodd will show that while the poles ostensibly look similar (they are literally at the ends of the Earth, remote, cold and difficult to study), they are in fact quite different in terms of their geography, oceanography, history and governance. Todd will also provide a brief introduction to the differences in which we manage our polar regions, which will help prime the audience to topics covered in this year’s Camden Conference. 

Todd, the Steven K. Katona Chair in Marine Sciences at College of the Atlantic, has staged research on the Antarctic Peninsula and through the Northwest Passage in Newfoundland and subpolar Labrador. Todd has been traveling to these extreme regions for almost 20 years and has accrued a deep understanding of the ecology of their environments, especially in regard to the role of ecotourism in developing these sites as wildlife sanctuariesTodd recently authored and starred in Life in the Worlds’ Oceans, a 30-part video course exploring everything from deadly microorganisms to massive marine mammals, produced by The Great Courses in partnership with Smithsonian. 

To register for this virtual talk and receive a link to the Zoom presentation, email [email protected] 

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