A large window looks out on the Bernard neighborhood of the Bass Harbor Memorial Library. Under it is a bench for readers to rest while exploring options to check out. Employees of the library have begun moving back into the building, which is not expected to be open to the public before the end of summer.  PHOTOS BY SARAH HINCKLEY

Library expansion finished

TREMONTBass Harbor Memorial Library now has a large eye on its Bernard neighborhood, right in the middle of a new, children-focused expansion that is finally complete.  

Furniture, donated toys and shelves, some with books and some bare, are scattered about the recently constructed 700squarefoot space. Now it is time to move in and fill the rooms back up with books and other equipment to serve the community.  

Not only is there a new room for children to explore literary offerings, but there is also a bevy of new items for the next generation to enjoy. A large screen television has been mounted in the previous addition to the original brick building. Sturdy worktables await computers, and an electronic picture frame to display art is still in the box waiting to be hung on the wall. Many of the items have been donated by supporters of the library.

Construction took nearly six months longer than planned, but those who work in the building and who are on the board of trustees have begun the process of moving back in. Slowly but surely, items taken to the temporary location on Tremont Road are being brought back and put into new locations.  

Designated for the new addition is a children’s section with books and toys. Under the large, round window is a sturdy bench meant to be a resting spot for readers. Books focused on tweens and teenage readers are set to be located near the reading nook. 

“Since there’s a whole room for children, we can make the main room really big,” said Amanda Crafts, who works at the library. Books geared toward adult reading will have more room to be featured in the original brick building. 

A door to the right of the window is the designated new front door to the library, according to Crafts. When visitors are able to come in again, there will be a custom-built circulation desk right there

It is expected to take another month to get things in place. As a first step, the library is planning to offer curbside pick up, possibly as soon as August. Crafts then explained, when it makes sense, the library is looking forward to opening its doors to the public in a limited capacity.  

A grand opening is in the works for the future when it is appropriate to have one.  

“We were planning all kinds of events,” said Crafts, “but, of course, none of that can happen [right now].” 


Sarah Hinckley

Sarah Hinckley

Former Islander reporter Sarah Hinckley covered the towns of Southwest Harbor, Tremont and neighboring islands.

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