Lepcio play to debut

Andrea Lepcio

Andrea Lepcio

LOS ANGELES — Bar Harbor resident Andrea Lepcio’s play “Dinner at Home between Deaths,” inspired by the Bernie Madoff scandal and other Ponzi schemes, will make its world premiere at the Odyssey Theatre on April 2.

In the play, Sean Lynch (Todd Waring) is a high-powered financier who’s made his a fortune on the backs of his investors – more specifically, on the back of the charity run by his sister-in-law, Kat (Andrea Evans). As the reckoning draws near, he fantasizes about running away to Ireland.

“Most people don’t think they have the knowledge to manage their own money, so they find someone to take care of it for them,” said Lepcio, who has worked as an analyst for Solomon Brothers and Chase Manhattan Bank. “But how do we know who we can trust? … What fascinates me about Madoff in particular, being Jewish myself, was how he was so willing to hurt Jewish charities and the state of Israel. It was an affinity crime, which put it so completely over the top.”

For reservations and information, call (323) 960-4429 or visit www.plays411.com/dinner.

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