Florist and gardener Emily Henry of Bar Harbor finishes an arrangement for a client. PHOTO COURTESY OF EMILY HENRY

Floral designer creates unique arrangements

BAR HARBOR — Emily Henry, owner of Chickadee Hill Flowers, a floral design studio in Bar Harbor, uses her garden’s seasonal leftovers to make dried arrangements for Valentine’s Day. 

From May through October, Henry is busy arranging and delivering fresh flowers, but when the season ends, she uses dried flowers to make gifts for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. 

“We don’t do anything fresh this time of year because there isn’t anything that we can pull from locally,” she said. 

Henry makes mostly dried flower wreaths in November and December, but dried floral arrangements in a ceramic vase are popular around Valentine’s Day.  

“It’s basically the same style as a fresh arrangement but in an everlasting format,” she said.  

Dried grasses and wood along with flowers are included in the arrangements to provide structure. For texture, Henry offers a range of naturally colored flowers in her arrangements. “On Valentine’s Day sometimes it might be that special someone who just likes black so we have to have something for everyone,” she said. 

Aside from its own flowers, Chickadee Hill Flowers works with products from other local farms rather than buying them wholesale.  

Dried flowers in a ceramic vase make a non-allergenic bouquet for Valentine’s Day.

“Oftentimes flower stems aren’t perfectly straight. I think our designs are very much akin to how flowers are seen growing in the garden or in their native habitat because most of them are grown here,” Henry said. 

Clients are advised to keep dried flowers indoors and away from humidity. “Depending on how dried flowers are cared for determines how long they will last. Fading in color is normal over a year or two, but they can really go the distance,” she said. 

Each arrangement Henry makes is one-of-a-kind. “We put them up online as we make them, so they are custom in the sense that each one is unique and we don’t mass produce any one style, but [we] also don’t do custom orders,” she said 

Browse Henry’s dried flowers on the Chickadee Hill Flowers Facebook page, chickadeehillflowers on Instagram or at 

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