The development of telescopes and how we look out into space are the subjects of “400 Years of the Telescope,” a film to be screened at the Jesup by the Acadia Astronomical Society on Oct. 14. PHOTO COURTESY OF NASA

Film focuses on history of telescope

BAR HARBOR — The Acadia Astronomical Society will show “400 Years of the Telescope” at the Jesup Memorial Library on Wednesday, Oct. 14, at 6:30 p.m.

In 1609, Galileo turned his spyglass to the heavens and was able to see things no one else had seen before. His simple telescope changed the way humans could view the universe.

The film follows the history of the telescope from the time of Galileo, its profound impact upon the science of astronomy and how both have shaped the way we view ourselves in the midst of an infinite universe. The film features interviews with leading astrophysicists and cosmologists who speak about how the telescope has changed from Galileo’s simple spyglass and what discoveries high powered telescopes have made.


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