Bird talk not just for birders

NORTHEAST HARBOROn Wednesday, May 12, at 5 p.m., the Northeast Harbor Library will sponsor a Zoom talk by Rich MacDonald, author of the newlypublished Little Big Year: Chasing Acadia’s Birds. 

MacDonald is a field biologist, ornithologist, naturalist, tour guide, writer, photographer, husband and father living in Bar Harbor 

As a field biologist, MacDonald has studied the natural world, focusing on issues relating to climate change, forest ecology and birds (a passion since childhood). His work has taken him to the higher latitudes, both Arctic and Antarctic, across the boreal forests of North America from Newfoundland to Alaska, and around much of Europe and South America. In the course of his research, he has been involved in banding in excess of 30,000 birds. 

Little Big Year: Chasing Acadia’s Birds is the story of his year-long adventure to document the birds of Acadia National Park and Hancock County. Although the story is ostensibly about birds, it is not just for birders. Anyone with an interest in natural history will enjoy his presentation and book. 

To sign up for the Zoom talk, email or call 276-3333. 

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