Joelle Ruddy speaks about becoming a beekeeper in Maine in a Zoom talk hosted by Northeast Harbor Library on April 28. PHOTO COURTESY OF JOELLE RUDDY

Becoming a Maine beekeeper

NORTHEAST HARBOROn Wednesday, April 28at 5 p.m., Joelle Ruddy will give a talk via Zoom about learning to be a beekeeper in Maine. 

Ruddy and her husband moved to Hancock County seven years ago from rural West Virginia. Ruddy has always been a “honey in my tea” person, but her true passion for beekeeping came from a longstanding enjoyment of dipping beeswax candles, going out to an apiary for wax and gradually learning about bees. 

Ruddy became a beekeeper in 2001 in West Virginia. The long winters of Maine and the inevitable threats of varroa mites brought on new challenges and methods of caring for bees. In the fall, Ruddy’s bees produced enough honey so that a few full frames could be extracted. Two hives have pulled through the winter, and the new onset of nectar and pollen flows are awaited with the coming of April.  

Ruddy will share some resources in the form of books, clubs, classes, workshops, videos, suppliers and beekeepers in and around Hancock County. She will also tell stories, prepare folks on what to expect in becoming a beekeeper and answer questions.  

Email [email protected] or call 276-3333 to sign up. 

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