The new BarnWaves episode is called Escape to Rockstonia, which features performances by local artists as well as Barn Arts regulars Maki Borden and Wes Zurick, who are based in New York City. PHOTO COURTESY OF ALLISON MAY KIPHUTH

Barn Arts releases new episode of BarnWaves 

BASS HARBOR  Barn Arts released a new episode of BarnWaves, the podcast described as musical audio fiction sound art for your ears,” created by the local nonprofit. The new BarnWaves episode is called Escape to Rockstonia, which features performances by local artists as well as Barn Arts regulars Maki Borden and Wes Zurick, who are based in New York City. The new episode is the latest offering from the Tremont arts organization, and it continues a project that began in March 2020. 

“Maki and Wes came up in March and we were working with students at the Trenton School on a new project,” said Barn Arts Artistic Director Andrew Simon. “They were here when the schools closed and New York became the epicenter of the pandemic.” The visiting artists had planned to be on MDI for two weeks and instead stayed for seven. Their jobs were canceled and they shifted their attention to making something new. 

They set out to create a project that combined elements of theater, comedy, drama and music in a new medium for a changed world. The result was BarnWaves and the first five episodes were released in March and April of last year. Each episode is unique and stands alone so they can be experienced in any order. The latest episode, Escape to Rockstonia, was released on Jan 22. 

BarnWaves is free and you can listen wherever you get your podcasts or on our website,” said Simon. “If audiences want to support the work, they can join our Patreon, which is a monthly donation – like a Netflix subscription. This makes it possible for us to continue compensating artists for their work in future episodes.” 


Barn Arts often works with young people in the area through teaching artist programs and performances for children, but the language and themes in BarnWaves make it appropriate for mature audiences.  

So farepisodes of BarnWaves have been played over 1,000 times and feature over 20 different artists, from MDI and New Yorkall of whom have performed with Barn Arts in the past. “It’s been a great way to stay connected to our creative community and put new work out during this time that we can’t be in the theater together,” said Simon. “And we’re planning to release new episodes soon.” 

Barn Arts is currently recording and editing material for several new episodes and planning work for several more. Audiences interested in listening can start with any episode and, as always, Barn Arts is open to feedback from anyone who’s heard the podcast. “Process is vital, said Simon, “and we would love to hear about people’s experiences with BarnWaves. We’re excited about working in a new, screen-free, digital medium and we think this work is unique to anything else out there. We’re curious what audience members in the community think.” 

Barn Arts is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit based out of a barn in Tremont. For more information, visit or call 412-9435. 

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