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BAR HARBOR  Former Jekyll & Hyde retail store owner Britt Hulbert recently opened Bar Harbor Yoga Dog Studio, a virtual yoga, mindfulness and fitness business for folks who want to stay active during the pandemic without having to leave the house.  

Hulbert wanted people to know that she didn’t close Jekyll & Hyde because of the coronavirus. “I had actually been meditating and one day I just thought I had to close it right away,” she said.   

Just two days before COVID-19 hit the world, Hulbert signed the shop’s closing documents. For her, working with the public at the store was great, but after 17 years of ownership, she felt a calling to do something different.  

As a fitness instructor for over 35 yearsshe has taught gamma, spinning, body pump, root power and step aerobic exercises.   

“You name it, I’ve taught it,” she said.   

In addition to being a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor, she also earned a nutritionist certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.   

“I’m just about to finish up my 500 hours of training to become a yoga teacher,” she said.  

“One day I just said, I’m going to open a live streaming studio,” said Hulbert. Her passion for yoga, swimming, running and exploring the outdoors inspired her to launch a wellness program for anyone to join online via her website. 

“I figured that I would start this live streaming studio, make a schedule for people to come, so it didn’t have to be so private,” she said.   

For $100 a month, Hulbert offers guests unlimited access to her live streaming Zoom classes, virtual one-on-one private sessions and a recorded video library on her webpage.   

“My programs involve a lot of yoga incorporation, your own self, your own body weight, a lot of core strength, alignment and functional fitness,” said Hulbert.   


Her website’s weekly schedule features classes such as vinyasa flow yoga, newbie flow yoga, yin yoga, functional fitness, cardio, body fitness, restorative yoga and ‘yo fun,’ a fusion of yoga poses. “Yin yoga that I teach is really relaxing, but I also offer vinyasa yoga, which uses gemstone power to focus on asanas, which are power poses requiring more endurance,” she said.   

Hulbert incorporates different stages of yoga and fitness to give customers options. “On Fridays, I offer a 30-minute mindfulness meditation,” she said.  

During the pandemic’s lockdown, more than ever, Hulbert has felt a need to get people exercising. Whether it’s finally fitting into a dress, or being able to get off the floor properly, Hulbert says she wants people to be happy, functionable and to feel good about themselves.   

“I have four dogsI love dogs and I love yoga,” said Hulbert. Her studio is called Bar Harbor Yoga Dog for that reason.   

“I don’t want it to be just pocketed as a yoga studio; I want to let people know that it’s fitness also,” she said.   

Her power yoga class includes fitness techniques for people to work on their own body strength by pretending as if they are moving through mud and cement.  

In addition to offering yoga, fitness and mindfulness, Hulbert has plans to become a Whole 30 nutritionist and to possibly incorporate nutrition into her program.  

For more information, visit or call 207-266-6256. 

Ninah Rein

Ninah Rein

Writer at Mount Desert Islander
Ninah Rein, an MDI native, covers news and features in the Bar Harbor area. She is glad to be back in Maine after earning a bachelor's degree in San Diego from the University of California.

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