Jennifer Skiff is a contributor to “One Hundred & One Reasons to Get Out of Bed,” a book about people who are making the world a better place. FILE PHOTO

Author encourages activism

MOUNT DESERT — Jennifer Skiff from Mount Desert is one of the 101 international contributors to a new book about people who are taking action for a better world.

“One Hundred & One Reasons to Get Out of Bed” introduces us to 101 people of influence – environmentalists, conservationists, artists, writers, thought leaders, activists and everyday heroes – who are passionate about the planet and the creatures we share it with. It asks them what gets them out of bed and why, what they’re doing about it, and what we all can do.

Skiff, an author and animal advocate, says, “Factory farming, chemical testing, poaching species to extinction, trophy hunting and puppy farming are just a few of the injustices perpetrated against the helpless that get me out of bed every morning because I know that with others, I can make a difference.”

In the book, Skiff describes what she believes everyone can do about it, “When you see something you know is wrong, say and do something about it. Your voice matters. Ask your government representatives to support laws that protect animals. Sign petitions. Don’t look away.”

Proceeds from this book support charities directly represented by contributors and funds a multi-media awareness campaign about other planet heroes.

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