"Progresso," an oil on canvas by Bar Harbor artist Greg Mason Burns. IMAGE COURTESY OF THE ARTIST

Artist minds media, audience gap

MOUNT DESERT — Bar Harbor artist Greg Mason Burns will show a series of works at the Northeast Harbor Library throughout April. The exhibit is a subset of a larger project that examines the gap between the media’s message and the audience’s understanding of reality.

The project asks the question “What would that gap look like if it were an actual place instead of a concept or state of mind?” The subset on exhibit is an attempt by Burns to “map” this place with images of buildings and atmosphere. The works on display are watercolor, oil and oil pastel paintings, as well as charcoal and dry pastel drawings.

The artist is a native of Bar Harbor, began his career as a self-taught artist in Santiago de Chile and grew into his current project while living in Curitiba, Brazil. He has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Maine and a master’s degree in European politics from the University of Edinburgh. He has lived in several different countries, seeing this gap firsthand in every one.

“I’ve noticed that wherever I’ve gone or lived, I see that the media, advertising, public relations, etc. is different from what I see on social media or hear people say in conversation regarding the same subject,” Burns said.

“I wanted a way to make this intellectual thought, this gap, more concrete, so I decided to turn it into a physical town, so to speak.

“This isn’t a contemporary idea, but it is very relevant in contemporary terms. But no one is presenting it the way that I am, as if this gap could be a place where we could all move to someday.”

This is Burns’ first exhibit in the United States, but he has exhibited in Brazil and Portugal.

Visit www.gregmasonburns.com/events or nehlibrary.org/category/exhibits/.


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