“Iglesia San Agustin La Serena” by Greg Mason Burns. Burns’ artist residency on the Iberian Peninsula inspired some of his artwork on display at the Northeast Harbor Library. He will speak at the library on April 29. IMAGE COURTESY OF THE NORTHEAST HARBOR LIBRARY

Artist Burns talk wraps up library exhibit

MOUNT DESERT — Artist Greg Mason Burns, currently exhibiting at the Northeast Harbor Library, will host an artist’s closing talk at the library on Saturday, April 29, from 3-4 p.m.

The talk will feature a discussion about his recent artist residency in January in Lisbon, Portugal, as well his current project, both of which are currently being shown at the library.

“My time in Lisbon was really eye-opening,” Burns said. “There’s this intellectual, bohemian atmosphere there with artists coming together and really thinking about art from a contemporary perspective. It was quite different from any other art experience I’ve ever had.”

Burns spent a month at the Zaratan Gallery in Lisbon working on his current project, which maps the understanding gap between the media and the audience. While there, he also travelled to Andalucía, the Basque Country, and other parts of Portugal, such as Sintra and Porto.

“I really got a chance to develop some new things while there,” Burns said. “I never imagined creating some of the stuff that I eventually came away with. It was quite exciting.”

One of those new pieces was a video collaboration with Australian artist Daniel Gawronski, who was on residency at the same time. “Daniel put together a musical scale using the local, physical landscape along with some notes from a famous Fado singer, and I put the video together using the gallery’s concert room lights. It was fun to do something completely different. I had never thought of doing video before that.”

Visit www.gregmasonburns.com.


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