Adelman to help people tell life stories

MOUNT DESERT — Maine writer, storyteller and personal historian Eddie Adelman will present “Tell Your Life Story” at the Northeast Harbor Library on Wednesday, Oct 12, from 5-7 p.m.

The presentation is designed to encourage audience members to document their own life stories before they are lost forever. It features a lively mixture of readings, music, instruction, inspiration and humor.

The preservation of life stories has become increasingly popular in recent years as baby boomers and seniors seek to pass along personal stories to their children, grandchildren and future generations. Adelman will offer easy to understand tips and instruction on memoir writing and oral histories. Woven in with the instruction are spoken excerpts from famous memoirs, as well as emotional songs that underscore the value of passing along memories.

Everyone needs a sense of belonging, said Adelman. Documenting treasured life stories provides a window into history and a vital feeling of connection for family members and future descendants.

Following the presentation, there will be a mini workshop for the attendees to write and put into practice the guidance they just received.

In addition to being a personal historian, Adelman is an AP award-winning journalist, playwright and screenwriter. He has written for the Portland Press Herald, MPBN Radio, the Bangor Daily News, The Maine Times, “Bangor Metro Magazine” and “Maine Seniors Magazine.” He also appeared on the Bravo Network’s TV series “Situation: Comedy” for a sitcom pilot he wrote called “The Maine Dish.”

This event is free, but seating may be limited, so come early. There also is a signup sheet at the Northeast Harbor Library front desk.

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