Celeste Orr, pictured here with her kids, runs an online platform with adventure resources for families and shares Acadia National Park’s kid-friendliest hikes. PHOTO COURTESY OF CELESTE ORR

Acadia’s kid-friendliest hikes 

BAR HARBORIt only took five summers of answering the question, “Where’s the best place to hike with my kids when I come to Acadia?” for long-time traveler, now year-round Mount Desert Island resident, Celeste Orr to decide to organize a kid-friendly hiking list for Acadia lovers.  

“It’s the first thing people ask when they hear we’ve been hiking Acadia with our kids since they were 7 and 9 and are still getting them out regularly at 13 and 15,” says Celeste when asked about the list. “As newbie hikers at Acadia six years ago, it felt like we spent more time looking for family-friendly hikes than actually hiking. My hope is that this list helps families get out there faster rather than spending so much time wondering where to goIt’s also helped my husband who works at Mount Desert Campground and is always being asked about fun things to do with kids in Acadia,” she added. 

Orr runs an online platform with adventure resources for families and has published the list of kid-friendly hikes at TogethernessRedefiined.com/blog/Acadia 

On the list, hikes are organized from easiest to hardest. Families from across the globe send in their recommendations from family vacations to Acadia over the years, and Orr continually updates the list as she tries out new hikes with her kids and snaps photos on the trails. Over the past year, the list has been shared with hundreds of families in person and online, with comments coming from Acadia-lovers living as far away as Sweden. 

There’s also a map with each trailhead marked so families who aren’t familiar with the island can easily zoom in on the map and find directions to each one. 

This summer, there will be flyers in family-friendly businesses all over the island providing a tear-off link. To download copies, go to TogethernessRedefiined.com/blog/Acadia and click the download link under the “Want More?” section. Or you can request copies be dropped off by emailing [email protected] 

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