Acadia Family Center, Jackson Lab team up for book and movie conversation series

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Acadia Family Center and The Jackson Laboratory’s Center for Addiction Biology will host a Book and Movie Conversation Series on the second Thursday of each month, beginning in December.

One of several planned collaborations between the two centers, the series is an opportunity to talk about substance use disorders and their impact as portrayed in literature and film.

The first event, a book discussion of “Drinking: A Love Story” by Caroline Knapp, will be held on Thursday, Dec. 12 at 6:30 p.m. at Acadia Family Center.

“Boston columnist and New Woman contributing editor Knapp writes with unflinching honesty about her 20 years as an alcoholic, her struggle to overcome the addiction, and the special peril facing women drinkers,” Kirkus Reviews said of the book.

“Knapp was a drinker able to hold down a steady job while convincing herself (and others) that her drinking was not interfering with her life — that, in fact, it was making life easier. She drank to forget her problems or to get through a crisis. She rationalized the drinking by telling herself that she would stop after she came through an especially rough situation, never realizing that the drinking contributed to her difficulties.

“The death of her prominent analyst father — and the subsequent realization that he, too, had been an alcoholic — started her on the slow path to recovery, although it was almost two years after his death before she checked herself into a clinic.”

Book discussions will be facilitated by staff and volunteer. Movie events will be shown at Jackson Lab and will include a brief introduction and moderated conversation following the viewing. Clinical staff, resource materials and refreshments will also be on hand. These events are free of charge.

Contact 244-4012.

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