Meeta Jethani stands behind a display case of jewelry in her new Main Street shop in Bar Harbor called Miner’s Gems. ISLANDER PHOTO BY NINAH REIN

Jewelry store opens on Main Street

BAR HARBOR — Miner’s Gems, owned by Meeta and Gary Jethani, is a high-end specialty jewelry manufacturer and retailer of exotic gems with 19 locations from Alaska to the Virgin Islands – and now Bar Harbor. 

When building owner Jack Coopersmith closed his shop, Jack’s Jewelry, after 47 years in business, he leased its space at 27 Main St. to the Jethanis.  

The Jethanis are jewelers who were educated for their careers at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Their stores carry gems that have been mined around the world, including alexandrite, tanzanite and amethyst, which are set by hand into metals such as yellow gold, silver, platinum and white gold.  

“We carry some rare gems that are only accessible in this lifetime,” said Meeta.  

All rare jewels sold in the store have GIA certificates that convey information about a particular gemstone. “We start with the stones. We have them cut and recut so many times by award-winning cutters Steven Avery and John Dyer before we do our own mountings and design our own pieces,” Meeta said.  

With their design team, the Jethanis have the capability to custom design almost anything. “We have our own CAD [computer-aided design] team that uses our old-fashioned sketches to create 3D prototypes, which we create mostly by hand in-house,” Meeta said. 

No stranger to operating in a tourist-driven economy, Meeta said that she is looking forward to welcoming visitors into her store this season. She believes Bar Harbor will be a perfect location because of the number of people who come by car and cruise ship.  

“Our clientele is mostly tourists in our Las Vegas locations and cruise ship visitors in the St. Thomas stores,” said Meeta, who is in charge of sales and merchandising. She says her store offers several unique gems and fine jewelry that are not available in other Bar Harbor stores, which she feels will fill a need in town. 

Shoppers next year can look forward to a different layout and interior in the store that will be designed by the Jethanis. “Right now, all our displays are not here, so a lot of our jewelry is still sitting in bags,” said Meeta. 

Prices range from $5 to thousands of dollars. The store offers no-interest financing for up to two years, starting at $50 per month, and free appraisals. Miner’s Gems will eventually be able to resize their jewelry but are able to send pieces to be sized to their Las Vegas location for now. 

For more information about Miner’s Gems, visit or the Miner’s Gems Facebook page. 

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