BAR HARBOR — As a resident, Linda Rowell-Kelley has her finger on the pulse of Bar Harbor. As an artist, she interprets her surroundings through shape and color. This puts her in a unique position to use her art to bring people together on a controversial topic: parking meters.

Already well-known for her landscape paintings on display in galleries all over Mount Desert Island and on Islesford, Rowell-Kelley has also recently become famous in local social media groups for bringing the parking meters of Bar Harbor to life.

meter baby

Rowell-Kelley marked the countdown to May 15, the day the meters were scheduled to be switched on, with sketches of a pregnant parking meter anxiously waiting for delivery. The baby meter was born a week late, May 22, when the meters were actually activated. COURTESY OF LINDA ROWELL-KELLEY

Parking meters letting loose

Meters unwind from the stress of a day on the street in this sketch by Linda Rowell-Kelley. COURTESY OF LINDA ROWELL-KELLEY

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