• Secondhand Prose was once ‘Oasis’

    Secondhand Prose was once ‘Oasis’

    BAR HARBOR — The building that came down last week to make room for the Jesup Memorial Library expansion has been a summer cottage, a secret men’s club, a women’s hat shop, two optometrist offices and a used bookstore. Over the years it has also housed local families and prominent summer visitors. The federal-style house

  • Permit parking now enforced

    BAR HARBOR — Parking enforcement has begun in both permit and paid parking areas downtown, despite lingering technical problems, according to Town Manager Cornell Knight. Parking enforcers have been entering plate numbers manually into handheld devices in order to determine if cars parked in permit areas have valid permits on file. Though the plate readers

  • Bowden honored in the harbor

    Bowden honored in the harbor

    BAR HARBOR — “I want a Skippy jar, I don’t want no expensive funeral,” Tom Bowden of Bar Harbor told his family before he died in May, according to his son David Bowden. So David found a piece of metal downspout tube that was the right size to hold a peanut butter jar of his

  • CAT stops taking reservations

    CAT stops taking reservations

    BAR HARBOR — The company that planned to offer ferry service between Bar Harbor and Nova Scotia beginning in June is now offering refunds for all reservations for the 2019 season. “Efforts are being made to accelerate the start date” a statement issued Monday from Bay Ferries, Inc. said, “but, in the meantime, all customers

  • Woman struck by tractor trailer dies

    Woman struck by tractor trailer dies

    SOUTHWEST HARBOR — A Southwest Harbor woman died Tuesday of injuries received when he was hit by a tractor trailer truck on Village Green Way. As of press time, police had not released the names of the woman and the 56-year-old Bangor man who was driving the truck. After the accident that took place outside

  • Hospice regatta, sloop race fill Great Harbor

    Hospice regatta, sloop race fill Great Harbor

    MOUNT DESERT — For sailors not engaged in the pursuit of victory or the pleasure of doing good while having a good time last weekend, Mount Desert Island’s Great Harbor must have seemed as busy as Interstate 295 during Portland’s rush hour. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday three different fleets — Luders 16s, International One-Designs

  • Acadia visitation: Record-setting day follows slow spring

    Acadia visitation: Record-setting day follows slow spring

    ACADIA NAT’L PARK — If you thought there had never been as many people and cars in Acadia as there were July 5, you were right. The park set an all-time record for a single day, with the number of visitors estimated at more than 35,000. That was an increase of about 15 percent over

  • Islanders recall moon landing

    Islanders recall moon landing

    SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Fifty years ago this Saturday, millions of Americans were tuned in to their televisions to watch Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin step onto the moon’s surface. On July 20, 1969, at some point in the evening (depending where in the country one was located) the words, “one small step for man,

  • Research focus: How climate change will change Acadia

    Research focus: How climate change will change Acadia

    ACADIA NAT’L PARK — Climate change has the potential to change just about everything, including America’s national parks. “The national parks were originally set up to keep things the same,” said Abe Miller-Rushing, Acadia’s science coordinator. “But we know that’s not possible. So, we’re having to deal with how we manage change.” Helping Acadia do

  • Cornerstone Gallery opens

    Cornerstone Gallery opens

    SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Sunlight from newly installed windows shines onto watercolor and oil paintings, leather handbags and wooden sculptures all made by Maine artists in the well-lit gallery at 322 Main Street. David and Christine Wade have renovated the space located at the corner of Village Green Way and Main Street, which was previously occupied