Our resident porcupines are moving about more noticeably these days. Many of them, unfortunately, end up as road kill, for they are slow moving, and when they sense danger, they just curl up and put their quills out. This works fine in some instances but not when a car on a highway is the danger. As you drive about, you probably notice quite a few dead porcupines on the road everywhere you go. Carrion like this gets feasted on by crows, ravens and other wild creatures. Vultures are gone for the winter, but at other seasons, they would be part of the road clean up “feathered crew.”

A friend on the island had a porcupine sitting in a tree in his yard, and he was concerned about it being there. There is really no problem with them being close unless you have a free roaming dog. Dogs hardly ever learn to stay away from a porcupine even if they have been “quilled.” They do not throw their quills, but the quills come out very easily as the mammal flips its tails and moves around from whatever danger is threatening it.

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