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Red-breasted mergansers in the waters between Hadley Point and Lamoine.


The mail is always surprising. Recently, I received nice photos of red-breasted mergansers in the waters between Hadley Point and Lamoine. These mergansers look as if they were having a ‘bad hair day with their fluffy feathers blown askew by the wind. They are very handsome diving ducks – not to be missed. The females seen were greyish with a crested rufouscolored head. They also have a large square white patch on the wings, but it is the windblown reddish crest that you would notice first on this duck. 

If the males are nearby, they are quite different in color, for the male has a black head glossed with green and it is conspicuously crested. The male also has a wide white collar and a red bill. They are very nice ducks to see on the salt water at this time of year. You might want to consider going over to Hadley Point or to Lamoine Beach or any other beach areas to look for them. Watching shorebirds or ducks from your car can be very rewarding at any time of year. Take a winter picnic with you! A great many red-breasted mergansers are readily seen in this area from September through April. 

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