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Sarah Hinckley

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  • Marsh Bridge reopens to traffic

    Marsh Bridge reopens to traffic

    TREMONT — The bridge at the Southwest Harbor/Tremont town line is now open to through traffic after being closed for the last two months. During that time, all vehicles traveling between Tremont and Southwest Harbor were detoured onto Route 102A, otherwise known as Seawall Road. The reconstruction of Marsh Bridge is part of a Maine

  • Addressing bad roads one at a time

    Addressing bad roads one at a time

    TREMONT — Town Manager Chris Saunders has learned a lot about roads in the last year and a half as the town’s road commissioner. “It is challenging because I feel like Tremont gets a lot of grief,” he said; he often hears people say the town has the worst roads on the island. “This little

  • Teaching the meaning of Veterans Day

    Teaching the meaning of Veterans Day

    TREMONT — Rich Viera served 33 years in the United States Coast Guard, including a tour in Vietnam, but that experience was not enough to combat his nerves on Friday before speaking in front of elementary school students. “I always spoke at the classrooms,” he said about the annual commemoration event at the Tremont Consolidated

  • Parking lot draws cease and desist

    Parking lot draws cease and desist

    SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Main Street business owners John and Martha “Marty” Williams have been asked to stop using the parking lot they constructed earlier this year until the project is completed as approved by the Planning Board, per a notice of violation issued at the end of October. At their Tuesday night meeting, the Board

  • Lawtons write murder mysteries together

    Lawtons write murder mysteries together

    MOUNT DESERT — Bob and Robin Lawton have mysterious conversations in the car when they are on a drive. Sitting next to one another, confined to a small space where their imaginations can feed off one another is where the couple enjoys putting together the details for the murder mysteries they write as RLawtonSquared. “Car

  • Veteran’s Day celebrations

    Veteran’s Day celebrations

    TREMONT — Nearly 15 years ago middle school teacher Crystal Dow spearheaded an effort to connect students with veterans from the community and commemorate them indefinitely with a monument at the school. On Friday, Nov. 8, as has been the tradition for more than a decade, Tremont Consolidated School is inviting veterans from the community

  • Boats tossed in storm

    Boats tossed in storm

    TREMONT — Eric Eaton of Seabridge Marine got a helping hand from some neighbors to rescue the 65-foot fishing boat Scout that ran aground in the wake of the windy storm that hit Bass Harbor on Halloween night. There also was a sailboat that got slammed into a private dock, a scallop boat that dragged

  • Split opinions on marijuana

    Split opinions on marijuana

    SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Results of a straw poll conducted on Tuesday show that residents who participated are pretty evenly divided on whether they want the town to allow marijuana businesses. There were five questions on the straw poll meant to gauge public interest in allowing some of the different types of marijuana businesses in the

  • Use of town docks discussed

    Use of town docks discussed

    SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Sparked by an Appeals Board decision to allow a charter fishing boat operator to continue disembarking passengers at one of the town docks, the town’s Harbor Committee is taking time this winter to review the language in the town’s Coastal Waters and Harbor Ordinance. John Dittmar is the owner of Acadia Fishing

  • Selectmen grant new liquor license for sports bar, reluctantly

    SOUTHWEST HARBOR — An upcoming change in management of a sports bar came to the attention of the Board of Selectmen last week when they received an application for a new liquor license and special amusement permit for the bar. Selectmen were hesitant to grant the liquor license and special amusement permit because of a