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Ruth Grierson

Ruth Grierson

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  • Cormorants make an appearance

    Cormorants make an appearance

    Even in the midst of a Maine winter in January, nature has beautiful scenery and wildlife surprises. A nice sighting of a great cormorant came into view as a friend explored along the Ocean Drive this week. In the summer we frequently see common cormorants near the shores sitting on rocks and docks as they

  • Nature: Gyrfalcon makes stop in Trenton

    Nature is full of surprises and you never know when you are going to be treated to a wonderful sighting on and off this island. A gyrfalcon was seen this past week in Trenton and this is definitely a special sighting! This large hawk’s home base is in the high Arctic south to Labrador and

  • Crossbills’ beaks are a perfect tool

    January is the beginning of a new year once again on Mount Desert Island. The weather is harsh and we expect to see snow at any time blanketing the ground making the island a winter wonderland. Snowshoe hares have an easy time blending in when snow covers our landscape. Rodents traveling under the snow have

  • Shaggy raven, or sociable crow?

    Is it a crow or is it a raven? Often I am asked this question. How do you tell which is which? I got phone call this past week from someone asking me to please help her tell one from other. I’ll try to help. Both birds are commonly seen in the skies over Mount

  • Nature: Birds love fishing boats

    Most of the island summer visitors are long gone this month but a couple of turkey vultures were seen this past week flying over Bar Harbor. These large black birds usually are now in the southern states. It is only in recent years that they have become regular summer visitors. When we first moved here

  • Nature; Birding is a hoot

    Nature; Birding is a hoot

    “The North Wind doth blow and we shall have snow and what will poor robin do then …?” This old rhyme always comes to my mind about now. Ducks are good to watch near Thunder Hole now. A column reader sent me a note saying there was a flock of black scoters near Thunder Hole

  • Nature; Wayward white goose returns

    Nature; Wayward white goose returns

    For many months residents in Southwest Harbor have enjoyed seeing a lone white goose making its way across the lawn at Western Way, across the busy road and into the harbor. It found companions in the harbor in the form of ducks and occasional other geese. One Canada goose in particular became its friend for