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Ruth Grierson

Ruth Grierson

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  • Nature: Let the leaves lie

    Fall chores are being done this month, but you should seriously consider not raking your leaves or at least leave large areas not raked. There is a benefit to wildlife if you leave them there. Butterflies and songbirds really benefit and depend on them being left right where they are. Over the winter months, butterflies

  • Nature: Woodpeckers come knocking

    “What do you do with a drunken sailor?” goes the popular old song. This week we could say “What do you do with a large drunken woodpecker?” I had an email from a friend in Manset telling me about a pileated woodpecker that has been eating too many fermented berries in a tree near her

  • Nature: Warm days, cool nights mimic spring

    Fall is such a colorful season, but the leaves can disappear in one wind storm and the landscape switches to a wintery look. Tamaracks, one of our evergreens add a lovely yellow for a long time but in a flash these trees too become bare until next spring. From my observations this fall, yellow dominated

  • Nature: Bears on parade

    Travels this past month have taken me to beyond the tree line in Labrador and it was a dramatic change of scenery as we drove southward into the colorful fall foliage in Quebec and then Maine. Yellows and reds seemed to dominate and the landscape was very beautiful. Here on Mount Desert Island it is

  • Nature: Bog cranberry season is here

    September woods are not filled with birdsong. Nesting time is pretty much over for most birds, and looking for daily food keeps birds busy and fairly quiet. Families of chickadees seem most noticeable and there is also that raucous call of the bluejay. Bluejays may be loud and noisy but that is one of their

  • Nature: Tips for watching migrating hawks

    Migration is on the way. Birds are traveling to their winter feeding areas far from Mount Desert Island. Their inner clocks spur them on to ancient flight patterns. These days, they encounter many hazards on their well established routes that were not known to them before. Some hazards are inconvenient others are life threatening. Trees

  • Nature: Listening to the coyote chorus

    Flowers still abound all over our island. A note from a friend asked me about a little plant that appeared near her house and she wondered what it was. She sent me a nice photo of bladder campion (Silene vulgaris). This is not one that most people probably know or pay much attention to. I