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Ruth Grierson

Ruth Grierson

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  • Nature: Keep bears in mind

    Nature: Keep bears in mind

    A bear stepped into the spotlight in Bass Harbor this week. As of this writing I do not have any information about it, but the video posted on Facebook from a home owner not far from me showed a big black bear on the lawn on the May 22. I’ll be sure to make lots of noise

  • Nature: Slippery as an eel

    Nature: Slippery as an eel

    ‘Slippery as an eel ‘ is an expression often used. How many of us really know what that means? Have you ever grabbed on and tried to hold on? This is the month for eels. All winter long, eels have burrowed under the mud. All eels started in the Sargasso Sea, and that is where the females

  • Nature: Birds and snapping turtles

    Nature: Birds and snapping turtles

    New bird sightings these early spring days can be very exciting. For some reason known only to Mother Nature, there have been several sightings of glossy ibis in Maine, so inspect any wading bird you see now. In the marsh near Scarborough, this bird was seen on April 17, so there is a great possibility

  • Nature: Flickers return

    Nature: Flickers return

    A bird crossed the driveway in front of me, but it was easy to identify it as a flicker just returned from the south when I saw that clearly visible white patch at the base of the tail. These seasonal woodpeckers spend the winter in the southern states and return to nest here in the

  • Nature: Time to spot salamanders

    Nature: Time to spot salamanders

    Returning birds make days more exciting as spring moves along. Recent snowstorms have not been welcome to these birds for it makes a harsh environment for them to survive when they are used to the tropics. Often at times like these, the tropical birds go to the seaweed along our shores for the abundance of food they

  • Nature: Eagles lock talons

    Nature: Eagles lock talons

    No travel restraints on spring birds and they are on the move. I’ve had numerous bluebird sightings recently on and off island. A friend also reported seeing two eagles fighting with locked talons and then falling to the ground near them. It looked like a hopeless situation but with some quick thinking and the help of a blanket thrown

  • Nature: Amphibian migrations are almost here

    Nature: Amphibian migrations are almost here

    April is here once again. Birds that change their plumages in the winter are now back in their breeding plumages. The guillemot’s change is a dramatic one. I remember the first year (l972) that our family moved here seeing a winter guillemot and thinking it was a new species for me. I soon learned to know the