Articles by: Ruth Grierson

Ruth Grierson

Ruth Grierson

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  • Nature: Voles can run 12-minute miles

    Nature: Voles can run 12-minute miles

    March came in like a lion and has been roaring ever since. In spite of the snow, ice and cold temperatures there is a change in the air when you go outside. Nature is stirring. Woodcocks are doing their courtship rituals and sky dancing. Great horned owls are nesting. The female often has to sit

  • Nature: Antlers are a seasonal thing

    Several questions this week have been about deer antlers. It is always exciting to see a buck with antlers and you just know he is proud of them! White tailed deer shed and re-grow a set of antlers each year. These antlers are shed sometime in the winter. As soon as they are shed, new

  • Nature: Time for the woodcock’s dance

    March has arrived along with more snow. This month has the reputation of being capricious — one day will be warm and the next one will be freezing. Whatever the weather, this is the time to watch or listen for woodcocks to arrive. They will be with us throughout the summer. Their courtship antics start

  • Nature: Newts can remain teenagers for years

    February is living up to its reputation for fickle weather — cold, warm, clear, snowy, rainy, sunny and icy roads. Fat robins usually arrive from the south this month and feed on rosehips. Geese gather together at the Trenton Bridge. Red-spotted newts may appear in minnow traps. Newts are interesting little salamanders but not so

  • Grebe antics are fun to watch

    The weather has been frigid this week, and ponds are covered with ice. In spite of cold temperatures, life goes on and many island residents would be very surprised at the activity beneath the ice. Ice fishermen and skaters have been surprised at times to see a painted turtle swimming by under their boots. The