Articles by: Ruth Grierson

Ruth Grierson

Ruth Grierson

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  • Nature Welcome the hummingbirds

    The natural world is so busy at this time of year raising families that there is no end to finding wonderful sights to see. Many great sights come along when you are not expecting them. You just have to be ready at all times, wherever you are, and savor the moment. I love watching guillemots

  • Nature: Undersea creatures

    We are surrounded by water, but I daresay that most of us know very little about what fascinating creatures are living there. Other than fishermen earning their living from the sea most of us see only a few creatures living nearby, for most creatures are in deeper water out of our sight. My most rewarding

  • Nature; Tiny jeweled helicopters arrive

    “Summertime and the living is easy … fish are jumpin’ … ” So goes the wonderful song by Gershwin. I love playing it on my violin. Summer is a busy time for all wildlife. Migration for some birds, courting for all, nest building, egg laying and brooding; then family cares as long as necessary. Some

  • Nature: Grouse combat lice with dust baths

    The gentle lacy look of spring foliage is rapidly changing to large leaves and making the birds harder to see now. More flowers, though, are bursting into bloom and are rewarding to find. Clintonia is one of my favorite wild flowers from flower to fruit. It has yellow bell-shaped flowers hanging on the long stem

  • Nature: Give swans, geese room to maneuver

    Feeders are very colorful this month with scarlet tanagers in red and black, orioles orange and black, indigo buntings in dark blue, bluebirds with their wonderful soft blue and a rosy chest and warblers sporting all sorts of designs and colors. It is a feast for the eyes. The sounds of spring are also very

  • Nature: English sparrows drive out native birds

    There were surprises in the wood pile this week! Some family members discovered some interesting inhabitants one day. Several redbelly snakes have apparently been calling this pile their home or at least a refuge. We have only five species of snakes living here and three species of turtles because of our colder temperatures in the

  • Nature: Grosbeaks come in many varieties

    Notices of new arrivals have almost come to me daily this month. Now IS a great time to watch the birds for they are in their breeding plumage and easiest to recognize. A handsome Blue Grosbeak visited a feeder of some friends this past week in Tremont. I suspect that the Rose Breasted Grosbeak is